Swarmize is a data journalism platform. It helps editors collect, analyze and output information.

News teams can create simple surveys in minutes or build engaging interactives and custom data collectors with front-end developers using the Swarmize toolchain. The platform includes a survey wizard, embeddable web forms, dashboards and charts, CSV outputs and developer-friendly APIs optimized for high volume, fast-paced news organizations such as theguardian.com.

Swarmize does the heavy lifting behind the scenes and makes it easy to deploy and manage data journalism projects quickly and cheaply.

Project Status

Swarmize is currently in alpha. The platform is accessible for use by Guardian staff only, but the code is available for download and reuse with an open license on GitHub.

The project was funded by a grant from the Knight News Challenge and also supported by The Guardian. The developers are Tom Armitage and Graham Tackley. If you would like to discuss working on the project together please contact Matt McAlister.

Case studies